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Bren Esports Says Farewell To Valorant Roster

After being unable to participate in the Berlin Masters, Bren Esports shocked the Valorant scene by saying farewell to its Valorant roster.

In a Facebook post by Bren, they revealed that their Valorant roster has ‘decided to explore and review other possible opportunities’ in which they respected.

“It has truly been a rollercoaster ride for the Bren Esports Valorant Team. From slowly dominating the local competitive scene to breaking barriers as the first PH Branded Esports Team to win a SEA Championship, the Bren Esports Valorant team will always have a place in the history books,” Bren wrote in their Facebook post. “Thank you for representing Bren Esports and more importantly, the Philippines,” they added.

Safe to say, the PH Valorant scene was quite shocked by this news. The original Facebook post garnered 7.5K reactions an hour after it got posted.

Meanwhile, Dubstep, Witz, Borkum, and Jessievash took to Twitter to express their respective gratitude towards Bren Esports.

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