Bren Esports Reveals New Player Recruit: College Superstar Xavi8k

Bren Esports Reveals New Player Recruit: College Superstar Xavi8k
  • PublishedOctober 3, 2021

Bren Esports revealed their newest player recruit for their new VALORANT roster: Xavier “Xavi8k” Juan.

The former Sunsparks player is the first one to be revealed by Bren after their former roster bid them farewell and went to Team Secret.

“It’s very flattering since it’s a huge esports organization with an insane following. The support I’ve gotten since the reveal has been massive and it feels great that a hobby of mine can really be something bigger than I’ve ever thought it could be,” Xavi8k revealed in our interview. 

Xavi8k happens to be one of the notable collegiate superstars from the Philippines — as he played for De La Salle University’s Viridus Arcus Esports. 

“The online setting made it very feasible for me to balance my career and academics. School is one click away, and so is my access to my esports career. Time management is of course the most important thing to do so that I’m able to have a proper schedule for playing and studying. It can get difficult at times, but with the help of my good friends I’m able to have a good support system along the way.”

He already boasts two University Alliance Cup (UAC) VALORANT titles, the biggest national intercollegiate VALORANT competition in the Philippines by AcadArena, and is currently looking to accomplish a three-peat this season.

“We started out as underdogs back in season 1 and now we’ve been dominating the collegiate Valorant scene. We will become the first school in UAC history to win three consecutive [VALORANT] championships. It’s been a humbling experience to grow with my team, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.”

Screenshot from AcadArena

Prior to Xavi8k’s recruitment with Bren, he has had the opportunity to technically play with Bren as they shared their facilities with Sunsparks — which was apparent during UAC face cams wherein he can be seen playing in the facility. However, he assured that it wasn’t really a factor as to why Bren picked him.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a no-brainer. After all, Sunsparks and Bren [shared] the same facilities and I couldn’t really expect Bren to pick me up. It was also unexpected since I was still in Sunsparks and [I] already [find it] a great experience for me to enter the professional Valorant scene with them. I’m very humbled that Bren saw my potential and decided to acquire me out of all people, as it’s quite the bigger platform for me to showcase my talent in VALORANT.”

So far, Bren has yet to reveal the rest of their roster as it seems like they are still looking for a sentinel as per their latest VALORANT recruitment-related post.

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