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Bren Esports In Rebuild Mode Again, Players Look For New Teams

The rumors were true after all. 

Bren Esports is currently in rebuild mode as most of its players are nearing the expiration of their contracts and are currently looking for new teams.

Although there’s no official announcement yet, a series of successive posts from the roster’s respective social media accounts revealed the situation that proved the rumors about the roster’s disbandment to be true.

It all started with the surprising announcement from Xavier “xavi8k” Juan, which was then followed up by Zachary “BraiNfreeZe” Bajarias, Coach See Wey “Evo” Kang, and Yousef Imad “Hotsauz” El-Yousef respectively.

Moreover, Hotsauz’s announcement turned out to be his permanent departure from competitive VALORANT.

“Quitting competitive VALORANT for good. [It] was a good experience, something I’ll never regret. Thanks to everyone I met throughout my VALORANT journey! wouldn’t make it this far without you guys. see you in pubs,” Hotsauz revealed.

With most of the roster gone, only Boggs “Symbol” Ramos and manager Ishan “ggishan” Adolfo remain from the roster.

As of this moment, it is still unclear how Bren plans to replenish their roster. For now, fans can still support Bren’s Victress roster while they wait for future announcements regarding the Filipino organization’s future in the VALORANT scene.

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