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BOOM Esports’ Yopaj, Skem, & Tims Looking For Greener Pastures

With the end of The International 2022, the Post-TI roster shuffle is inevitable for most teams. Teams are now making preparations for the next year, and some are looking to retool to have the best chance possible for the next DPC season. 

Despite the home-court advantage of South East Asian teams in TI11, the region failed to capitalize on the fan support and underperformed, with only BOOM Esports going into the playoffs only to get bounced out of the tournament in the second round of the Lower Bracket. 

Ironically, BOOM Esports, one of the top teams in South East Asia, had an excellent run at the DPC season, but they underperformed in TI11. They almost got eliminated from the Group Stages, and they only managed a top-12 finish in the tournament. BOOM Esports started off the rumor mill of the Post-TI roster shuffle in SEA.


via Tims’s Official Twitter Account

The first player to announce his availability is Timothy “Tims” Randrup. The Filipino position four player unveiled on his Twitter account that he would love the opportunity to explore more options. Even though his contract renewal is still under discussion, his expression in the tweet might be a precursor to a move in the offseason. He is one of the core members of the team, and it is saddening to see that he might move on and play for another. A beloved player in South East Asia, and as an avid fan of Tims, I wish that he stays in BOOM Esports.


via Yopaj’s Official Twitter Account

The second player to announce his availability is Erin “Yopaj” Ferrer. He is an exciting mid-player that often produces highlight reels from his aggressiveness and style. The Filipino mid-player expressed his openness to play for other teams on his Twitter account. Despite him still being on a contract with BOOM Esports, his expression of looking for a team for the next season is almost a surefire sign that he will play elsewhere. He is an integral part of BOOM Esports, and it is sad to see him go and play for another team.


via Skem’s Official Twitter Account

The last player from BOOM Esports to announce his availability is Rolen “Skem” Ong. He is the current team captain of BOOM Esports and a calm-headed support that usually calls the right plays. The Filipino position five player expressed on his Twitter account that he is open to talks from other teams as a position one or a position five. Like with Yopaj, he is still under contract with BOOM Esports.

*Featured image via BOOM Esports Facebook Page

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