Boom Esports New Roster Reveal

Boom Esports New Roster Reveal
  • PublishedOctober 6, 2021

Previously, Boom Esports announced that they were releasing NcSlasher, and bringing in Frostmind, who once played for XcN, and two new players to prepare for LCQ. The other two players that Boom Esports announced before are teased as Jett Main and Skye main.

Finally today, the two players were announced. It was a surprising announcement where the two players are BerserX and TehBotol. They previously played for Alter Ego with awe-inspiring performances that got them to third place in the SEA Masters.

Boom Esports’ roster now has seven players including Blazeking, Fl1pzjder, Eeyore, Asterisk, Frostmind, BerserX, and TehBotol. However, Riot’s first-person shooter only requires five to play the game. Will Boom Esports let go of some of its players?

As we know, Fl1pzjder is known for his Jett game. And with BerserX being a Jett main himself joining the team, will we finally see Fl1pzjder play with a different agent? Fans have been wondering what the new agent composition of the new Boom Esports roster could be.

We are expecting a new horizon coming from Boom Esports as the VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: APAC Last Chance Qualifier start on October 11, 2021. Boom Esports will have to face seven other teams to compete for the last ticket to Valorant Champions in December.

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