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BLEED Officially Announces Departure Of Its Academy Roster

In a not-surprising announcement, BLEED officially announced the departure of its entire Academy roster. 

“Today we part ways with our amazingly talented VALORANT Academy Roster,” Bleed tweeted. “Throughout our time together we made the best efforts to train & prepare them for what the future holds for these young talents in competitive esports.”

The announcement came after the players themselves posted LFT (Looking For Team) tweets a week prior to BLEED’ss official announcement.

As of this article’s writing, BLEED has yet to announce a new roster of players for its main and academy rosters which left everyone wondering whether or not BLEED would still pursue competitive VALORANT as an organization.

However, hope isn’t lost for BLEED fans as the Singaporean organization competed in a showmatch by the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Association (SFCCA) for the 10th SFCCA Youth Sports Festival. Their roster featured familiar faces namely Jorell “Alter” Teo, Tyler James “Juicy” Aeria, Lim You Xiang “lenne” Lionel, Danial “RedKoh” Hakim, and Derrick “Deryeon” Yee (who went by Hazel).

Prior to its disbandment, BLEED’s Academy roster was composed of the following:

  • Tyler James “Juicy” Aeria
  • Kairo
  • Du-Min “dumin” Yeo
  • Reagan “reagzYY” Thun
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