Bleed eSports Overcomes RRQ Philippines at VCT APAC Stage 2 Play-Ins

Bleed eSports Overcomes RRQ Philippines at VCT APAC Stage 2 Play-Ins
  • PublishedJune 12, 2022

Bleed eSports overcame Rex Regum Qeon Philippines (RRQ) in a close 2-1 series to in the VCT APAC Stage 2 Play-Ins.

Bleed Comes Out On Top in Ascent

Bleed managed to come out on top in Ascent as they defeated RRQ 13-11.

The game started with RRQ’s quick takes on the first four rounds. After that, Bleed quickly recovered and took the next three consecutive rounds for themselves. This back-and-forth became the norm until the first half concluded where it ended on a tie score of 6-6.

Luckily for Bleed, they took off in the second half to win the game. Derrick “Deryeon” Yee was a force to be reckoned with as his Jett with an Operator landed impactful frags one after another. Bleed had a bit of a spook as RRQ almost forced overtime but they successfully shook it off.

RRQ Makes Comeback at Split

Bleed lost on Split as RRQ made a massive comeback.

Bleed started well this time, they took the first five rounds of the game before RRQ got on the board. Bleed maintained the momentum of the game up until Jose Eduardo “Draxii” Jamir’s 6-man Ace at Round 11. From there, Bleed was unable to break into sites guarded by Nathaniel “Nexi” Cabero as the attackers in the second half. In the end, Bleed fumbled their lead as they lost 13-10.


As both teams got one game apiece, Bleed ultimately won the series as they took Haven 13-11.

Bleed only managed to get five rounds in the first half as compared to RRQ’s seven. However, Bleed’s persistence paid dividends in the latter half as they committed a comeback of their own to win the game and series.

With this win, Bleed qualifies to the Group Stage. Meanwhile, RRQ Philippines moves down to the Decider match for Group B where they will face the victor between Ghetto Artist and Team Big BAAM’s elimination match.

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