Bigetron Astro’s Roster Changes

Bigetron Astro’s Roster Changes
  • PublishedSeptember 22, 2021

The Valorant team from Bigetron finally announced its new line-up last Wednesday, September 21, 2021. A surprising announcement of course, where Bigetron Astro decided to release their in-game leaders: FidelWow and Rapheleen. Then added Sergio ‘No1syboy’ Rahardja who previously played for the VVV team.

No1syboy is a familiar name in the Valorant Indonesia scene. He managed to help his team get several championship titles while under the name of the NXL Liga Game (NXLG) in the past.

With No1syboy’s new addition to Bigetron Astro’s roster alongside Budimeister and Vascalizz, the three former players from NXLG have now gathered.

This is good news for fans of Valorant Indonesia’s competitive scene, with the gathering of three players who were once known as the best players in their respective roles, with Cud and Famouz as their spearheads, making everyone look forward to the action of this new roster.

With this announcement, we can expect there will be more roster changes from other teams. We may all be witnessing more surprising roster changes from Valorant Indonesia’s competitive scene soon.

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