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Best Way to Play Position 5 in Dota 2

Best Way to Play Position 5 in Dota 2

    Last Updated on November 29, 2022

Playing as a Position 5 in Dota 2 is not the flashiest nor the most noticeable role in the game, but it is essential to winning. Playing as a support is never easy so here I present to you a Dota 2 Position 5 guide codenamed: Best Way to Play Position 5 in Dota 2

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Drafting the Correct Position 5 in Dota 2

In pub games, supports tend the pick first rather than the cores. While this may put you at a disadvantage as you can get countered, there are very strong picks that are impactful no matter what order you pick them. It is also important to know the current meta because a game can be decided based on how your team is drafted and what heroes you pick. So better check the win rates and statistics of the heroes you can use and practice them before playing ranked. 

Position 5 Laning Phase

Position 5 heroes tend to be stronger than others in the early stages of the game. It is a Position 5’s duty to protect the carry and make sure that the carry is in a prime position to carry the game in the later stages. 

A good position 5 player matches the play style of the carry depending on what hero the carry picked. For example, a Phantom Assassin carry likes to have a secure laning phase without deaths but has the opportunity to kill the enemy. In that example, a support hero that has a stun or enough damage to set up a kill without too much risk is beneficial as Phantom Assassin can engage the enemy at any moment. 

A Position 5’s impact in the laning phase is not limited to what the support does in lane. A position 5 can be effective by warding correct spots at the right moments to be safe from enemy ganks and to have map control early on in the game. A position 5 can stack neutral camps for the carry. A position 5 can occasionally help out in the mid-lane by ganking, and many more. 


A position 5 can have trouble finding footing in the mid-game. In the middle stages of a game, a carry will usually focus on farming to get the right items first before fighting. The rest of the team’s job is to secure map control so that the carry can farm peacefully away from danger.

 A position 5 player can make himself impactful at this stage by placing defensive wards to ensure that the carry is safe and placing deep wards in the enemies’ map to engage the enemy at a disadvantage. A good Position 5 player calls the right plays for the team. This includes deciding when to use Smoke of Deceit to engage the enemy, when to get Roshan, when to push towers, etc. 

Depending on your hero, you can set up kills for your team or have the ability to save them from dangerous situations. It is important to know when you will engage especially because support heroes tend to be squishy and easily be killed. Always remember that you can only help your team when you are alive. 

Late Game

Late-game clashes are make-or-break situations that can decide the outcome of the game. In the late game, you will see your carries at the peak of their power and it is important to know how to utilize that to its full advantage. 

Just like in the other stages of the game, warding is crucial in the late game. You will have to ensure that you always have visibility of the area near the Roshan pit. The aegis is far too important in the late game. Make sure that you have vision of an area and the enemy does not. 

Positioning, positioning, positioning. I cannot stress how important positioning is as a support hero. Since we see the carries at the peak of their power in the late game, it is viable that you will easily be one-shotted by the enemy. Great position 5 players are known for their positioning, if you want to be great, know where you should be in team fights. Stun the correct heroes at the correct time, force staff your carries to safety, and place your lotus orb at the right moment to your carries. There are so many things that you can do to help your team as a support, do not get overwhelmed.

Always remember, your KDA does not matter as long as you win the game. Make sure to stick around for more Dota 2!

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