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Benkai Captures Valorant Scene’s Heart Through Humor

Benedict “Benkai” Tan captured the international Valorant scene’s heart through his humor during press conferences of the Berlin Masters.

In a viral video circulating online, Benkai trolled the press conference by pretending to only speak Chinese while cracking a few hilarious rhetorics for some questions.

The Valorant community seemed to love Benkai’s jokes as fans and multiple Valorant personalities tweeted fondly about his humor.

“Turns out @eggs_benkai is a massive troll. Big fan of @pprxteam now #VCT,” British caster & content creator Ryan “RyanCentral” Horton tweeted.

On the other hand, Founder of Esports Closet Jake Lucky tweeted: “Valorant Pro Benkai for Paper Rex pretending not to know English at the VCT press conference is one of the funniest things I’ve seen a player ever do holy Face with tears of joy.”

Even the official Paper Rex Twitter account acknowledged Benkai’s press con shenanigans.

“We love you @eggs_benkai POG champ answers Clapping hands sign.
P.S. Sorry for being late to the scrim @OfficialBoaster Benkai too busy trolling…”

Benkai and the rest of the Paper Rex Valorant roster are in Group A of the Berlin Masters together with Vision Strikers, SuperMassive Blaze, and Acend.

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