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Asian Teams’ Last Chance to Qualify in Champions Comes with APAC Last Chance Qualifiers

  • PublishedSeptember 18, 2021

With X10 and Team Secret (former Bren players) already qualified for Champions, Asian teams’ last chance to qualify comes with the VCT APAC Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ). The APAC LCQ would run from October 11-17, 2021.

The APAC LCQ will see the top 10 teams from Asia’s five major regions (Southeast Asia, China, Korea, Japan, and South Asia) competing online for the single remaining spot for Champions.

The slots were awarded to teams who are currently holding the most Circuit points in their respective regions and have yet to qualify for Champions.

The teams participating are as follows:

  • Paper Rex (SEA)
  • BOOM Esports (SEA)
  • Zeta Division (Japan)
  • Reject (Japan)
  • NUTURN Gaming (Korea)
  • F4Q (Korea)
  • Global Esports (South Asia)
  • 2 unannounced teams from China

As per Riot Games’ press release about the APAC LCQ, the top-seeded teams from Southeast Asia, China, Korea, and Japan will be seeded into the second round with the rule that Southeast Asian teams cannot be matched with each other in the initial rounds. The remaining teams will be randomly seeded for the first round.

Teams will climb through a double-elimination bracket with a best-of-3 format before reaching the Grand Finals which will have a best-of-5 format.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, in order to ensure competitive integrity, Riot has decided to hold this year’s APAC LCQ as a streamlined, online-only event. This is due to the tightening travel restrictions and increasing quarantine requirements across the APAC region.

The APAC LCQ will kick off on October 11 with broadcasts starting from 3 PM GMT +8 for the initial rounds and 5 PM GMT +8 for semi-finals and finals. Full details of the schedule can be found on

Broadcasts for the following languages are listed below:

● English: PPGL Twitch, VALORANT Twitch

● Tagalog: PPGL Facebook, PPGL YouTube

● Thai: VALORANT TH Facebook, ESL TH Twitch, ESL TH YouTube, ESL TH Facebook

● Bahasa Indonesia: VALORANT ID Facebook, VALORANT Esports ID YouTube (operated by One Up)

● Mandarin: Talon Esports Twitch

● Vietnamese: VALORANT VN Facebook, VALORANT VN YouTube, VALORANT Esports Vietnam Facebook (operated by VNG)

● Korean: VALORANT KR YouTube, VALORANT KR Twitch

● Japanese: VALORANT JP YouTube, VALORANT JP Twitch

● South Asia: NODWIN Gaming YouTube, NODWIN Gaming South Asia YouTube, NODWIN Gaming Twitch, NODWIN Gaming Facebook

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