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Arena of Valor Premier League 2024 Goes Back to Thailand

Arena of Valor Premier League 2024 Goes Back to Thailand

    Last Updated on May 3, 2024

Mobile gaming fans, get ready for an electrifying esports experience as the Arena of Valor Premier League 2024 makes a grand return to Thailand. This year, the stakes are higher, and the competition fiercer. With a fresh competitive format that promises to shake things up.


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New Competitive Format

Garena, the event’s organizer, has spiced up the Arena of Valor Premier League 2024 with the introduction of a Swiss round. This new first stage is a game-changer, ensuring that only the most resilient teams will advance. In this format, teams need to secure three wins to qualify for the playoffs. However, three losses will see them knocked out, making every match a nail-biting encounter.

Overview of Arena of Valor

For those new to the scene, Arena of Valor is the global counterpart to China’s wildly popular Honor of Kings. This game has captivated players worldwide with its engaging mechanics and diverse characters. The tournament serves as a central hub for the best teams. From the leading leagues across Asia, spotlighting the game’s international appeal.

League Participation and Structure

The Arena of Valor Premier League 2024 is a melting pot of top talent. It features the best-placed teams from the ASL, RPL, GCS, and AOG. These leagues represent Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam, respectively, and contribute to a vibrant and competitive tournament structure.

Event Details and Location

The excitement culminates with the semifinals and finals, set to be played offline in the heart of Bangkok. This decision to host the Arena of Valor Premier League 2024 in Thailand. Moreover, for the second year in a row, underscores the country’s passion for mobile esports. In addition, its capacity to deliver world-class events.

Viewership and Popularity

Last year’s edition of the Arena of Valor Premier League captivated over 900,000 peak viewers, a testament to the event’s soaring popularity in the SEA region. With the Arena of Valor Premier League 2024, expectations are high for another viewership milestone, especially with Honor of Kings’ continued success and the upcoming Esports World Cup.


As we gear up for the Arena of Valor Premier League 2024, the esports community is buzzing with anticipation. The event’s return to Thailand and the introduction of a new format are set to provide an unforgettable experience for players and fans alike. Keep your eyes on the screen, as this tournament is poised to make mobile gaming history.

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