Alter Ego is the winner of VCT Indonesia Stage 3: Challengers 2

Alter Ego is the winner of VCT Indonesia Stage 3: Challengers 2
  • PublishedJuly 31, 2021

Alter Ego managed to become the champion of VCT Indonesia Stage 3: Challengers 2 after defeating BOOM Esports in the finals with a fierce score of 3-2.

The team consisting of FatPenguin, LMEMORE, BerserX, TehBotol, and NATZLORANT managed to eliminate strong teams like Bigetron Astro, XcN, and BOOM Esports itself.

Having lost 10-13 on the map Icebox and 8-13 on map Ascent, Alter Ego answered the fans’ doubts by winning three other maps (13-12 on map Haven, 13-9 on map Bind, and 13-6 on ma pSplit).

Alter Ego’s journey in VCT Indonesia Stage 3: Challengers 2 was almost similar to ONIC G’s week one last week. Alter Ego also had to deal with teams that were predicted to be the winner, such as XcN, Bigetron Astro, and BOOM Esports, especially after not managing to make it into the main event in the last week’s VCT Challengers.

Even so, Alter Ego was able to get the upper hand and win against XcN with a score of 2-0 and Bigetron Astro was sent home with a fierce score of 2-1.

Fighting BOOM Esports was the real test for Alter Ego. Both of these teams played hard to get the slot to the SEA Playoffs.

Left behind in the series with a 1-2 score, Alter Ego managed to turn things around making use of the Best of 5 series. The AE.TehBotol clutch on map Split ensures their victory for the VCT Indonesia Stage 3: Challengers 2.

A brilliant performance and a strong mentality were formed and are the keys to victory for Alter Ego. One of their players, BerserX, was also named the Most Valuable Player Main Event Week 2 with a KDA of 219/160/44.

This result ensures that Alter Ego will accompany ONIC G in the VCT Stage 3 – Challengers SEA Playoffs and is entitled to take home a prize of 25 million IDR.

In the other match, Bigetron Astro won third place after defeating Morph Impact with a 2-0 score for the 3rd Place Match. This result ensured that BOOM Esports, Bigetron Astro, and Morph Impact will have to fight again in Challengers 3 for the last slot to the SEA Qualifiers.


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