Alpha Esports Pro’s AreyouRyu Takes Break From Competitive VALORANT

Alpha Esports Pro’s AreyouRyu Takes Break From Competitive VALORANT
  • PublishedJune 8, 2022

Alpha Esports Pro’s (AEP) Ryu “AreyouRyu” Torres announced his competitive break from VALORANT as he plans to go back to North America (NA).

“Officially announcing that I’m taking a break from competitive VALORANT. It has been a roller coaster ride ever since I joined Alpha Esports Pro last year, it was truly a life-changing opportunity to play with such overwhelming talent and potential,” AreyouRyu posted on Facebook

“I would like to thank ALPHA Esports Pro for all the bonds and memories I made with each and everyone within the organization, love you all!,” he added.

AEP also showed their gratitude through a comment and shared post of AreyouRyu’s announcement.

“As one of the founding members, AreyouRyu has been with us through the highs and lows, especially the lows. It’s been one hell of a ride, and we’ll catch you on your streams! Thank you and see you soon,” AEP shared on Facebook.

As for AreyouRyu’s plans when he gets back to NA, he promises to stream full time and catch up with his responsibilities at home.

“I’ll use my time to catch up and go back to my responsibilities back home but I’ll still be streaming full time back home in NA,” AreyouRyu revealed.

Despite being a shocking announcement, people were already hinted about an AEP player departing from the team as the organization announced they were looking for a VALORANT player back on Monday, June 6, 2022. As for now, the search is still ongoing and more details about it can be found on their official Facebook page.

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