All You Need to Know About VALORANT Episode 5 Act II

All You Need to Know About VALORANT Episode 5 Act II

    Last Updated on December 7, 2022

VALORANT Episode 5 Act I has finally ended and Act II begins with a new theme for its battle pass. You can buy the battlepass for 1,000 VP but you can get a few free skins you don’t need to pay for, and they are worth the grind.

Valorant Episode 5 Battlepass

All you need to do is play the game and complete the daily and weekly missions to get these free highlights from the battlepass.

  • Immortalized Sheriff
  • Spike Showdown Player Card
  • Rising Tide Player Card
  • Guess That’s It Spray
  • Magic Hummingbird Gun Buddy

However, if you want to buy the battlepass, you’ll be getting more awesome skins like these paid highlights:

  • Obsidiana
  • Immortalized Vandal
  • Piedra del Sol Phantom 
  • KAY/O K.O. Player Card
  • Hehehehehe Spray
  • Kitsune Mask Gun Buddy
Valorant Episode 5 Act II Battlepass Skins
© Riot Games | Weapon Skins

Q&A With the Devs and Producers

People also asked the devs a few questions for us to get an insight into what the theme for this battlepass would be about. Here we have Laura Baltzer, Producer, answering the questions about Episode 5 Act II’s battlepass.

What were your goals when designing the Episode 5, Act II Battlepass?

“This pass was the first time we wanted to try to build a Battlepass around a central theme: myths and legends. We did this for a few reasons. We wanted the Battlepass to reflect some of the things that were going on in VALORANT and make it feel like a memorable part of this moment in time for players.”

Laura Baltzer, Producer

Laura also continued to say that VALORANT Champions is just around the corner and they can’t wait to see what legends are born from the results. They wanted the players to feel just as legendary on their ranked climb just like the pros who are about to play on the main stage.

Episode 5 Act II Gun Buddies
© Riot Games | Gun Buddies

What did you take inspiration from / any notable concepts you wanted to convey with the Episode 5, Act II Battlepass?

“This Battlepass was so much fun to work on because of the amount of different cultures and stories that we were inspired by. The Hit in the Ankle Spray, for example, was a reference to ancient sculptures and artwork of Achilles.”

Laura Baltzer, Producer

Laura also said that the folktales of the Anansi Spider and the Legend of the Garden of Heroes inspired The Kiss the Frog Gun Buddy is a reference to the Princess and the Frog, the Anansi Buddys.

Episode 5, Act II Stickers
© Riot Games | Sprays

Any unexpected challenges or novelty stories you’d like to share when designing the Episode 5, Act II Battlepass?

“We worked very closely with our Latin America office on the Piedra del Sol skinline. They helped us on everything from the color palette to the final naming of the weapons. It was so great to learn from them about some of the beautiful Aztec art and rich mythology.”

Laura Baltzer, Producer

That’s all from the interview with Laura Baltzer on the VALORANT Episode 5 Act II Battlepass. Stay updated with more news by following our social media channels.

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