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Apex Legends Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Apex Legends Tips & Tricks for Beginners

    Last Updated on May 9, 2023

Apex Legends is an online free-to-play, multiplayer FPS game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. It’s known for its battle royale mode, where you can play in a team with two other members and try to become champions against 19 other squads. With its popularity, it’s no wonder that new and experienced players are scouring the internet for Apex Legends tips to help them improve their gameplay.

If you’ve been wanting to dip your toe in this shooter game, look no further. Check out these Apex Legends tips and tricks that can help kickstart your journey in the arena.

Practice in the Firing Range

Apex Legends Tips Shooting Range

Unlike other FPS games, Apex Legends doesn’t really let you choose your loadout from the start—except in the Arena. That’s why it’s recommended that you take your time adjusting yourself to all available weapons in the game by spending time in the firing range. From LMGs and SMGs to assault rifles and sniper rifles, you’ll have more than weapons to try out.

Another thing you should also experiment with is loadouts. One effective strategy in many shooters is to carry a weapon suitable for middle to long-range combat and another for close-quarters combat. You can also opt for a more aggressive playstyle by getting two weapons that are effective at middle to close-range combat.

Lastly, practicing in the firing range can help you aim better. If you’ve been playing Apex Legends for a while, you know that the recoil is crazy, and you can easily miss your targets because of it. By spending time in the range to practice and informing yourself about all possible guns and equipment, you’d learn recoil control and flicking with any gun you equip.

Select the Legend that Matches Your Playstyle

Apex Legends Tips Choosing Legend to Play

Like many other shooters, Apex Legends players have a plethora of Legends to choose from. Although everyone is matched in terms of strength, speed, and firepower, they all provide unique skills and ultimate abilities that can ultimately change the game.

If you’re the type to throw yourself in between your teammates and the enemy, try out Gibraltar with his trusty shields. You can also opt for Caustic if you’re interested in poisons and setting traps. There’s also Lifeline, perfect for players who’d rather make sure all their teammates have full health.

However, make sure that the Legend you’re picking balances out the team composition. It’s still better to have one unique Legend per team to secure roles instead of overloading it with the same type of Legend.

Stay Close to Your Team

Teamwork is crucial to becoming champions in Apex Legends. You’ll only be in a team of three, so you need to stay close and work together. This way, you can outplay your opponents and keep each other safe.

Some Legends are also perfect for supporting your team, like Lifeline with her skill, “D.O.C. Heal Drone,” and ultimate “Care Package.”

Wattson is another great choice with her skill, “Perimeter Security,” wherein she places electrified fences that slow and damage enemies passing through. Her ultimate “Interception Pylon” allows her to put down an electrified pylon that repairs shields and destroys ordnances. You can just plop this pylon down and wait instead of using up your shield battery.

If you try to move on your own, you’ll soon find yourself ambushed and overwhelmed by other teams. So try to stick together and remember, staying alive is the priority.

Use Comms

Whether you’re a beginner or not, you should make it a habit to use smart and verbal communication to talk to your team. If you’re running solo and don’t want to talk to your squad, you can use the in-game ping feature to ping high-tier loot, and enemy locations, or even tell your teammates which area to go to next.

You should also make it a habit to use voice chat. Although pings are very useful, these can only take you so far. It’s still better to open your comms and talk to your teammates to practice effective information sharing and callouts. Remember, strong verbal communication is key to winning games—unless you happen to have an experienced Apex player in your team, and they just hard carry you to victory.

Don’t Drop in the Hot Zone

Apex Legends Tips Hot Zone

No matter how tempting the big, blue circle is on the map, don’t. Just do not drop in it. Especially if you’re a beginner, we do not recommend dropping in the hot zone since nothing good ever happens there.

Upon entering the hot zone drop multiple times, you’ll quickly realize why it’s not the preferred choice for most players. The risk involved outweighs the potential rewards. Your chances of being taken down immediately are higher, and the loot that can be acquired is obtainable elsewhere on the map within a matter of minutes.

Are there any other Apex Legends tips that you know? Share them in the comments section below. While you’re here, you can check out how to buy Apex coins to get skins and Heirlooms for your favorite Legends.

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