Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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Classic Alpha Esports Pro Returns, Defeats Bren Esports

The classic form of Alpha Esports Pro (AE) returned as they defeated Bren Esports 2-1 in the VCT 2022 Stage 2 Philippines. Alpha Esports Pro...

Oasis Gaming Wakes Up Just In Time To Defeat NAOS Esports

Oasis Gaming woke up just in time to defeat Naos Esports 2-1 at VCT 2022 Stage 2 PH Qualifier. Oasis Gaming lost Game 1 on...

South Built Esports forfeits first game due to power outage, loses series against RRQ Philippines

South Built Esports (SBE) forfeited the first game on Ascent due to a power outage on their bootcamp as they lost their series against...

Team Secret’s DubsteP Reveals Filipino Teams Tougher Than Entire APAC

Team Secret’s Jayvee "DubsteP" Paguirigan revealed in a post-match interview that Filipino teams are tougher in contrast with the rest of the APAC region. “The...

Oasis Gaming Flufee Steps Down as Head Coach

Vic “Flufee” Villavicencio has revealed that he has stepped down as Oasis Gaming’s head coach to explore other esports opportunities.  In a TwitLonger, he thanked...


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Benkai, f0rsakeN, d4v41, Mindfreak, and, Jinggg

The VALORANT Challengers Tour: APAC Last Chance Qualifier has finally concluded with Paper Rex showing up big with their new roster and agent lineups....

GXR Ching & OAS Maark on VCT Stage 3 – SEA Regional Finals

Galaxy Racer Ching and Coach Maark of Oasis Gaming share their experience about the VALORANT Challengers Tour Stage 3 - SEA Regional Finals. Galaxy...

AE SLEEPY: We have to improve our setups and strategies

Coach Sleepy of Alter Ego Esports shares his experience about the VALORANT Challengers Tour Stage 3 - SEA Playoffs. As one of Indonesia's representatives...

PRX ALECKS: When you scrim against us, you will learn something

Coach Alecks of Paper Rex shares his experience about the VALORANT Challengers Tour Stage 3 - SEA Playoffs. As one of Malaysia/Singapore's representatives in...

CES MALIX: We’re thinking of changing up our composition

Coach Malix of Cerberus Esports shares his experience about the VALORANT Challengers Tour Stage 3 - SEA Playoffs. As one of Vietnam's representatives in...



VCT Champions Group and Schedule

The most awaited VALORANT tournament - #VALORANTChampions Berlin is just right around the corner and everyone is excited to cheer for their teams. 16...

VCT Game Changers SEA: FSL Elite

The 9 months long FSL Circuit has finally come to an end. 8 Teams qualified in the FSL Elite Playoffs, but only 1 team...

AGENT BANS – KJC eSports VALORANT Invitational

During the KJC eSports VALORANT Invitationals, we invited top teams all over SEA, And There were 2 Special Mechanics that were active throughout the...

VCT APAC Last Chance Qualifier

The VALORANT Champions is just around the corner and to officially complete the teams, APAC Last Chance Qualifier was their last ticket to Berlin....

Conclusion: KJC eSports VALORANT Invitational

KJC eSports VALORANT Invitational, a tournament where 18 Tier-1 Teams from all over Southeast Asia are invited to compete with an agent banning system...